Ready, steady, go!

Andy Rietschel

Bay of Ideas' journey began with the vision that several people will always be stronger than a single individual. This fact in itself is no secret, but the frustration that there was a lack of a good platform for ideas that could connect different individuals, became the starting point for us as the founders of Bay of Ideas.

But the journey from first thought, to the idea and launch of the platform, has been filled with challenges.

As you may have read in the first blog post, Bay of Ideas was born out of another idea that didn't quite go as planned. As a consequence, an alpha version of Bay of Ideas was built as a first concept, but was far from a launchable platform.

The alpha version was built on top of a WYSIWYG solution (admittedly a pretty good one), but when we dug into it together, we realized pretty quickly that the alpha had so many limitations. After a quick evaluation, the decision was quickly made to start building the real Bay of Ideas platform from scratch, so that we could get it exactly the way we wanted it without having to compromise. A decision we have never regretted.

Although the alpha version didn't last long, it quickly became a form of a starting point for which functions would be available and which we wanted to improve in the newly built platform. A brand new requirements spec was written and a list of hundreds of features lined up during our brainstorming meetings.

We have learned that the most effective thing in a creative process is when you listen to each other's opinions, allow each other to make mistakes and openly admit when other people's ideas are better than what you might have thought from the beginning.

Dare to make mistakes, redo and get it right must be allowed to build something really good. Drawings and specifications in all their glory, but it is rare that you realize whether something is actually good or not, until you have tried it and seen the result. Therefore, we also rigorously tested the brand new platform with a crowd of beta testers to get as much feedback as possible before going a little wider.

The absolute strongest feature of our team is perhaps not our different skills, but that we are different individuals who often think and act quite differently. Our vision and our goals are common, but the road will continue to be a little bit bumpy while we fine-tune the details.

As I said, the list of upcoming and planned features is long and we won't reveal everything that is planned, but we can give you a hint about the next two important updates that are coming next:

For those of you who have seen the Swedish flag at the bottom of the index page, it is a pretty clear hint that we will be adding more languages ​​shortly. There are of course plenty of ideas all over the world, not just in Sweden.

We will also launch our company solution in full, which will become the obvious digital idea box for your company or organization. We believe that all management teams want to hear their employees' ideas about how you can sell more, cut costs, or where to hold the staff party when the pandemic is over?

So now it's up to you - what ideas do you have that you're thinking about? Post them on the Bay of Ideas and help build the world's largest platform for ideas!

/The team behind Bay of Ideas