How many female ideas?

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When we started, we based the project on a survey about ideas to see if there were more people who thought like us about ideas. The distribution of responses in the ages 18-79, was 49.4% women and 50.6% men - a fairly even gender and age distribution in our opinion and with a sufficient volume that felt confident to base any results on.

One of the questions we asked to the 95% of the respondees who had had ideas, was how many ideas each person had had that they did nothing about. The options were “1-5 ideas”, “6-10 ideas” and “10 or more” ideas. Overall, the result was quite similar between "1-5 ideas" (41.6%) and "10 or more" (40.3%), i.e. either you had had a lot of ideas, or just a few ideas. But when we divided the results between men and women, we got a rather different and exciting result.

In the above question, the majority of men, 55.3% answered that they had more than 10 ideas that they had never realized, while the majority of women, 59% answered that they had only had 1-5 ideas that they had never realized.

Both men and women had had ideas, and plenty of them, but the amount of ideas that men had thought of and never acted on was, overall, more than the number of ideas that women had. Several conclusions could possibly be drawn from this.

Men's general higher risk-taking may well be reflected in the number of ideas they think they have had and perhaps men are also less self-critical of their ideas, thus the number of ideas is more but perhaps not always better. Women, on the other hand, may have greater critical thinking, which is thus reflected in the number of ideas they do believe in.

Another reflection we gather in that men like to think they have more ideas than women, is that we also see signs of this already now that Bay of Ideas has been running for a little over 1 month.

Although we have done everything we could to be equal in our invitations to the platform, only about 34.5% of those connected to the platform have been women. Even worse is that only about 10% of the published ideas are published by women. In short, the amount of ideas from women have already been greatly outnumbered by the ideas of men.

It's hard not to raise more questions about the topic and why we see these results, but funnily enough, at the same time, the most positive feedback about Bay of Ideas has come to us specifically from women - and of course it makes you wonder:

If you're a woman with lots of ideas about things that could be improved, when do we get to read about your ideas?

We are obviously looking forward to hear about them!

/The team behind Bay of Ideas