Andy Rietschel

Sorry for being offline for some time.

As founders of Bay of Ideas, we had to spend some time working on our parenthood and full time hours with our main jobs. Because of this, the Bay of Ideas project had a bit of a “breather” from the initial successful trial period. But say those things that last, because now we are back with new energy, new functionality and last but not least, a new language! 

As you probably know by now, Bay of Ideas started as an idea in Sweden back in 2020, by 3 Swedish guys. And as Swedish guys do, we spoke in Swedish, brainstormed in Swedish and wrote the content in Swedish. Pretty obvious, but stupid, as we later realized. Because we also hardcoded the first online version of Bay of Ideas in Swedish. 

Even though we often discussed the smartness of building in a language module, none of us had actually done it before and the complexity we realized was a bit more time consuming than we expected. So we took the easy way out to begin with, and since there were so many other challenges to solve, it simply had to wait.

From our initial survey that we made, we knew however that if ideas from the Swedish population of 10 million people, accounted for approximately 40 million ideas, then the world's 1.35 billion english speaking people, would obviously account for more than 5 billion ideas. 5 billion ideas are a lot more than 40 million ideas and can’t really be ignored. So the path of adding English as a platform language, somehow felt like the right way forward. 

Now here we are.

Bay of Ideas primary language has now been changed to English, but with the option to switch to Swedish and other future languages as we make them ready. To start off, if you tick the box “Include all public posts”, you’ll see all ideas in all languages, as we believe this will generate more interaction among ideas, but also between countries. 

We don't want languages to be a barrier for interacting with each other's ideas! 

Apart from English, the only other language to choose from is currently Swedish, but since the language module is now in place, this can now be easily expanded with more languages at any time going forward. So please let us know, what is the next language that you think we should expand to? German? Spanish? French?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves too much :). First we are looking forward to reading about and interacting with all those English ideas. So let your imagination flow and share some glimpses of your ideas today!