About us

About Bay of Ideas

Bay of Ideas is a social network for sharing and developing ideas by linking them with other peoples key competences.

The platform is built for anyone who has an idea but who needs more help to develop and implement it.

An idea does not need to be unique or well-developed, it can be completely new, written down on a napkin or just a desire to start a restaurant with others.

Nevertheless, it can be carefully thought out, a developed research project or something crazy futuristic.

At Bay of Ideas, all ideas are welcome, because all ideas can be developed into something more than just a thought.

Our Engine

The engine of Bay of Ideas suggests other people with the right key competences to join your idea so that more people can collaborate towards a common goal.

You choose how and to whom you want to present your idea, or if you prefer to present your key competences for matching with the right ideas.

Our group functionality makes it easy for you, your organization or your company, to group ideas that are relevant only for you.


We know that way too many ideas don't evolve to anything else than a thought. The most common reasons being that you lack the competence, need partners or simply do not have time. We intend to solve this problem.

Our Mission

Bay of Ideas mission is to bring every idea to life by attracting and engaging more people around every idea.


Andy Rietschel


Jonas Viklund

Technical Artist

David Boman

Creative Visionary